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At this time we are not running regular monthly meetings due to the fact that we do not have the personnel to organize the events. The resources are available, but unfortunately not the person to do the logistics. We will however provide speakers for presentations hosted by other organizations. In the past presentations have been given at church groups, youth groups, synagogue meetings, Bible study groups, Rotary Club meetings, schools (Public, Christian and home school groups), jails and other events or locations. Any group may ask for a speaker to come to their event, just let us know.

Creation Science Fair 1998 Report

Hosted by:

Press Release

All praise and honour go to our Lord and Creator. He alone does marvellous things, indeed it is an awesome thing to see His glory displayed. Together with the co-sponsors: l'Association de Science Création de Québec and International Christian Crusade; Creation Discovery Project is pleased to report on the results of our third annual Science Fair. It was held at Crawford Academy in Toronto on April 17th, 1998. It was thrilling to see students from 4 different Christian schools including the host school, public and separate (Roman Catholic) schools, home schoolers and even a grade 12 entry from a collegiate institute. Last year we had 39 great exhibits however this year we were blessed with a total of 133 exhibits, our God is truly amazing in His blessings. So far as the 148 exhibitors were concerned (some exhibits were group projects):

Schools Represented
School Type Exhibits
Christian 114
Home Schools 29
Public Schools 3
Collegiate 1
Separate 1
Grades Represented
Grade Range Exhibits
Kindergarten 5
1-3 38
4-6 38
7-9 49
10-12 18

It was very delightful to see that seven of the home schools had named their schools. This shows a sense of pride in their achievements.

Marie Katz and Hilda Harris
Marie Katz (book table) and
Hilda Harris (admissions) share
a humorous momemt.
The home schools were:

The four Christian schools represented were:

Neil Boron, host of Lifeline phone-in talk program
Neil Boron, host of
Lifeline phone-in talk program,
broadcasts live from the Science
Fair across Southern Ontario and
most of New York State on the
New York Network.
Hans and Vonnie Vanderwerff
Rev Hans Vanderwerff
with his lovely wife Vonnie.
Pastor Hans, a retired Messianic
Jewish spiritual leader, opened
the science fair in prayer.
This year it was real blessing to have Neil Boron, host of the program 'Lifeline' on the Crawford Broadcasting New York Network, radio broadcast live at the Science Fair. (The name of the radio company and the host school are only co-incidence, no connection.) Neil cordially invited the hosts and several of the judges with scientific backgrounds to be live on air and some of the kids got to ask science questions of the judges. Also a number of the children were interviewed personally by Neil Boron and the prize awards time was also broadcast.

The Science Fair opened officially at 10.30 a.m. and throughout the day quite a number of visitors came to see the children's projects. We were blessed with judges from many backgrounds such as local scientists and teachers, Christian ministries and churches, all individuals who were well qualified to help with the judging. Indeed the judges were enthused and delighted to see the quality of work the students were capable of exhibiting.

Sgt Barry Farndon, OPP
Sergeant Barry Farndon,
Ontario Provincial Police,
Forensic Science,
one of the Judges.
Erin and Gavin Cleary
Erin (Gr 3) and Gavin (Gr 2) Cleary
with their exhibit on Birds.
The Pileated Woodpecker.
Home School.
Mother: Perelandra Cleary.

Just a sampling of some of the intriguing and often quite advanced exhibit titles are: a Rabbit exhibit from Stephen Taylor with his exhibit entitled 'On the 6th day God made Rabbits' at the junior kindergarten level HS, he even brought a live rabbit! Matthew Browett, HS grade 2, produced an exhibit on the Circulatory System, quite an achievement for grade 2! Esther Martin, HS grade 3 developed a spectacular display on elephant communication, well done Esther. Wayne Williams CS grade 4 showed us how God created gravity, and how gravity controls the universe. James Cleary, HS grade 6 showed us how Acoustic Levitation works and how that relates to Ancient Technology. Roberto DelCastillio CS grade 8 produced a fine display on Super Novas. Trevor Schmidt CS grade 11, presented a Scientific Sketch of Music; Brenda Binette CI grade 11, showed us God's Diet - the Original Diet. There were many more very fine exhibits, and we have not left any out due to them not deserving it, but only because of lack of room. You can see from this small sampling that the students put a lot of effort and learning into their projects, even at the younger grades. Amazing!

Alex Parachin and David Harris
Alex Parachin, President of the
700 Club in Canada with David Harris,
Chairman of Creation Discovery Project.
Edrik and Melissa Leung
Edrik (Gr 3) and Melissa (Gr 2) Leung
with their exhibit on Trees.
Trees are the greatest creation of God
They provide fresh, clean air.
Scarborough Christian School.

David Mainse president of 100 Huntley Street and Alex Parachin president of the 700 Club in Canada planned to hand out the prizes, however David Mainse had car trouble and could not attend. In David's words, his car had trouble with the "Big Bang!" 100 Huntley Street did however offer two exhibits the honour of appearing on their new satellite tv program in the fall of this year, along with their exhibits. The criteria for choosing these two were that they be visually exciting and good communicators. The two exhibits selected were Kathleen Cleary, a grade seven home schooler from Blackstock, Ontario, with her exhibit of 'The Missing Link', and Ashley Wellman, a grade seven student from Yorkland School in North York, Ontario, with her exhibit of 'The Night Sky'.

Corporal Joel Harris
Corporal Joel Harris of 876
Royal Canadian Air Cadets
(Ghost Riders). Joel was one
of 4 cadets directing traffic.

We hope that from this the students will become more established in their understanding of God's creation, more established in the faith of Christianity, and more confident in the evidence that shows when God said He did it this way, He meant it. It certainly encouraged us on the boards of the sponsoring organizations.

Many thanks go to the other organizations and friends that supported our science fair with prayer, prizes and financial help.

The sponsors who helped were:

The winners of the science fair prizes are:

Prize Name Title Type School Grade
.1 1T FACE="Times New Roman"> kindergarten 1st prize Stephen Taylor On the 6th day God made Rabbits HS . JK
kindergarten 2nd prize Ryan deRoos Creation Week HS . K
kindergarten 3rd prize Katie Riihimaki Birds HS . SK
grades 1-3 1st prize Justin Marques The Solar System CS Crawford Adventist Academy 3
grades 1-3 2nd Prize Phillip Joseph Early Earth, The Flood, Post Flood CS Crawford Adventist Academy 3
grades 1-3 3rd Prize Rochelle Fraser The Garden of Eden CS Crawford Adventist Academy 2
grades 4-6 1st Prize Kim Workman Bird's Nests HS . 4
grades 4-6 2nd Prize Joyce Meneses Frog in Hibernation CS Crawford Adventist Academy 5
grades 4-6 3rd Prize Andrew Lushington Cycle of Life in Soil PS Lynngate Jr PS 4
grades 4-6 3rd Prize James Cleary Acoustic Levitation HS . 6
grades 7-9 1st Prize Daphne Leung Lights! Plants! Grow! CS Yorkland School 8
grades 7-9 2nd Prize Adrianna Lewis
Carolyn Simon
Can Plants Survive Without Rain? - group project CS Crawford Adventist Academy 8
grades 7-9 3rd Prize Dora Logan-Watts Plants CS Yorkland School 7
grades 10-12 1st Prize Brenda Binette "The Original Diet" PS York Mills CI 11
grades 10-12 2nd Prize Meriam Youannas Why I don't believe in evolution CS Whitefield Christian Academy 10
grades 10-12 3rd Prize Reed Liang Detecting Vitamin C in Fruits and Vegetables CS Crawford Adventist Academy 11
grades 10-12 3rd Prize Trevor Schmidt A Scientific Sketch of Music CS Whitefield Christian Academy 11
distance Peterborough Lauren Workman Seashells HS . 2
distance Peterborough Kim Workman Bird's Nests HS . 4
distance Peterborough Katie Workman Black Light HS . 7

For anyone wishing to publish this report:
This report is available in electronic formats of Word Perfect v8.0, ASCII text, Rich Text Format, and it can be exported to other electronic formats. Frequently exporting is at the expense of loss of some formatting details. Please contact me at for further details.
Photographs can be sent electronically in gif or jpg (or other) formats, or we can mail copies of the report and the photographs for publication. The text may be edited for layout or length, but it is requested that the overall content and objective should not be changed. When published please send us at least one copy of the magazine with the published article. If you can make a number of copies available (for which we will pay) to send out to the exhibitors and board members, and for use at the next science fair, that would be appreciated. If this is published electronically please send us the URL of the article. If this is broadcast we would like to know the details of the broadcast. If published we request that the details of how to contact us are included somewhere within the publication, preferably near the article.

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"In six days God created the heavens, the Earth, the seas, and all that is in them"

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